Three Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common issue that affects men and women. People lose 50 to 100 hair strands daily. The main factors that lead to hair loss include hormonal changes, diet, and health issues. Hair loss can be gradual or sudden, ultimately leaving someone with bald patches on their head. While hair loss is a short-term condition, you should apply various hair loss prevention measures to keep your hair healthy and strong. However, see a dermatologist if the condition persists. This blog shall depict three ways to prevent hair loss.

Use Prescription Medications

Prescription medications are one of the most effective hair loss prevention measures. Finasteride and minoxidil are the two clinically approved drugs for preventing hair loss. These medications work differently in preventing hair loss. For instance, finasteride inhibits the dihydrotestosterone hormone since it impedes the hair growth cycle, causing the hair to shrink and fall. Additionally, the minoxidil medication increases blood flow containing nutrients to the hair follicles, thus strengthening the hair. However, these prescription drugs have various side effects. For example, minoxidil may cause skin irritation and allergies. These drugs can be bought over the counter, but one should get them from a doctor to know the possible side effects. 

Adopt a Balanced Diet

Eating healthy is one of the ways to prevent hair loss. One should change their diet to include extra proteins because they aid in hair growth. For instance, eggs contain biotin that aids in the production of keratin, which is the protein present in the hair. Additionally, you should include vitamins A and B in your diet. These vitamins contain zinc, which is a supplement that improves hair health, thus aiding in hair loss prevention. Furthermore, adopting a Mediterranean diet improves your hair health. The Mediterranean diet involves eating fruits, vegetables, and proteins in one meal, which helps the hair follicles. You should see a nutritionist who will help you formulate a well-balanced diet to aid in your hair health. 

Use Mild Hair Products

Some hair products contain strong chemicals that may damage the hair. As such, specialists recommend using mild hair products as a hair loss prevention measure. For instance, you should use mild shampoos that contain weak cleansing agents. Additionally, using hair products, such as gels regularly contributes to hair loss. These products contain chemicals that remain on the scalp and trap the hair follicles, thus negatively impacting your hair health. Thus, use mild hair products or those with few chemicals to style your hair.

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