4 Popular Med Spa Skin Treatments You Might Enjoy Trying

If you want to spend an afternoon pampering yourself and get glowing skin too, then you should look into med spa treatments. A spa provides a number of skin and beauty treatments that improve skin conditions such as wrinkles and acne without requiring any time for recovery so you can go about your routine as soon as you leave the spa. Here are some med spa treatments you might be interested in trying.

Body Scrubs

A body scrub is a relaxing experience, and the scrub ingredients offer a range of benefits for your skin. These treatments could take an hour or so. They start with scrubbing the skin on your body with ingredients made to target your skin problem.

You might want anti-aging ingredients or a detox scrub. These usually contain fruit enzymes, antioxidants, exfoliants, oils, mud, or serums. After scrubbing, your body is wrapped while you relax and let the fruits and serums work on your skin. When the treatment is over, you should feel refreshed and have improved skin all over your body.


A facial is similar to a body scrub, except it is limited to your face. The facial is tailored to your skin type and the problems you want to address. After a facial, you might notice an improvement in wrinkles, decrease in skin redness, relief from inflammation, improved skin tone, cleaner skin, improvement in acne, and brighter skin. A facial is often relaxing to receive, so you may enjoy getting one for the experience as well as the results you see on your skin.


Microneedling is a popular med spa treatment because it works on deep layers of skin to improve collagen production that tightens skin, plumps skin, and reduces wrinkles. This treatment is often done with a device that looks like a pen, but it has needles in it. The esthetician presses the pen against your skin so the needles puncture the skin to create damage that triggers a healing response.

Microneedling might be combined with PRP, radiofrequency treatments, or the use of serums. This med spa treatment can be used as an anti-aging treatment, to reduce scars, or to help with stretch marks.


Microdermabrasion treatments are also popular options when you go to a med spa. These treatments remove the surface layer of dead skin cells so your complexion is brighter and skin imperfections are reduced. This is similar to lightly sanding away the surface of your skin, so your skin texture is improved along with your skin tone.

These treatments give your skin a fresher look after one session, but like many med spa treatments, you get the best results with multiple treatments spread over a period of weeks. Microdermabrasion is usually combined with the use of serums or facials that hydrate and protect your skin.

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