Cuts For Men: How Often Is Necessary

How often to visit the barber for a haircut is a decision that most men leave to opinion. However, while personal choice is important, there are a handful of other factors that should go into this decision. Learn more about how to determine how frequently you should have a haircut.

Hair Growth

The rate of hair growth is different for each person, so just how fast your hair grows should be the first thing you examine when making your decision. If you like to keep your hair low and your hair grows quickly, a weekly cut may be necessary. Yet, for someone with a slower growth rate, two to three weeks might be ideal. Your barber can offer insight into your growth rate.

Hair Style

Also, be mindful of the type of haircut you have. Generally, precise tapers and fades require more maintenance than medium-length hair, such as a bob. Consequently, men with the first set of styles should expect to possibly visit the barber more than once a month for a haircut. Whereas men with the latter styles may be able to visit every other month. Keep in mind, if you prefer a clean-shaven look, a cut at least once a week may be justified.

Masking Hair Loss

Male-patterned baldness is a condition that, unfortunately, is more of a standard than it is an exception with many men. For this reason, if you have started to notice areas of thinning or complete loss, it may be a good idea to get your hair cut more frequently. When it comes to masking loss, if you keep all your hair low, it makes the problem areas harder to spot. So, in this case, a cut every week might be the best option. 


If you are growing out your cut, do not assume that you do not need to visit the barber regularly. An important thing to remember about haircuts is that they are not just about removing hair; they are also about giving the hair shape. When your hair is shaped and maintained, the hairstyle looks cleaner. For this reason, even if you want to grow your hair long, it may be a good idea to visit the barber every few months. 

Keep in mind, a barber is the best source of information when it comes to determining the frequency of haircuts for men, so be sure to ask questions before making your decision.

Contact a salon in your area, such as Vicara Salon, for more information. 

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