A Hydrafacial Treatment Might Be a Good Way To Ease Into Professional Wrinkle Treatments

If your home treatments for diminishing wrinkles and fine lines aren't working very well, it may be time to consider visiting a spa for professional treatments. There are different procedures to try that are much gentler than surgery. For instance, a HydraFacial treatment is so gentle that you don't need any downtime for recovery. Here's how a HydraFacial helps with wrinkles.

The Treatment Starts By Exfoliating Your Skin

A HydraFacial uses water to exfoliate your skin. The esthetician uses a pen device to apply a stream of water to your skin that strips away dead skin cells and resurfaces your skin. The treatment is similar to microdermabrasion, but it's more gentle since water is used.

Your face might still be a little red after the treatment, but you won't need any downtime like you would with a much stronger chemical peel. The skin resurfacing effect you get from the treatment helps reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles.

Your Pores Are Cleaned And Nourished

The next step is to attach a suction head to the pen device so your pores can be rinsed and vacuumed to clean them out. At the same time, moisturizers and serums can be added that go deep in your skin. This step helps clear your complexion and give you clearer and more beautiful skin. The serums also hydrate your skin so your skin is plumper, and this reduces the appearance of wrinkles too.

Peptides And Antioxidants Are Applied To Your Skin

Your esthetician considers your goals for the HydraFacial when determining the right type of serums to apply as a finishing touch. When you want to remove wrinkles, the esthetician might apply products that help reduce wrinkles and firm your facial skin. A HydraFacial can be done along with other treatments, such as red light therapy, for further help with wrinkle reduction. The treatments applied to your skin give you an immediate glow that could last a few days.

You may want to repeat your HydraFacial treatment about once a month or more often if needed until you achieve the results you want, and then have maintenance facials done to keep the results. You can also schedule a facial right before an important event so you'll look your best with glowing, hydrated skin. HydraFacial treatments are popular for many reasons since they can target a number of skin issues. One of these facials could be a good way to ease into professional wrinkle treatments since HydraFacials are quick, easy to endure, and give you immediate results.

Contact a center, like RNA Medical Aesthetics, to book a HydraFacial treatment. 

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