The Top Areas for Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of shaving, waxing, tweezing, and threading? Consider laser hair removal. If you want to learn more about areas that could benefit from laser hair removal, read on.

The Face

Unwanted facial hair is uncomfortable and embarrassing. Even though you can wax, bleach, tweeze, thread, or even shave some of your facial fuzz away, these methods only offer short-term benefits. This means you may need to tweeze a few times each week or constantly schedule waxing appointments with a salon professional. But if you miss a visit or skip a few days of home care, you could end up with an unwelcome hairy appearance.

A laser procedure can permanently remove the hair or reduce its appearance over time. While your first treatment won't give you lifelong results, it's a step towards going wax, razor, and tweezer-free. After a few treatments, your face should remain hairless (in the lasered areas only) for months or even a year. 

Not only will you have long-lasting results, but laser removal also won't leave behind stray hairs. Unlike manual at-home hair removal methods, you won't suddenly spot a few random upper lips hairs or a whisker-like chin hair you missed while you were waxing or tweezing. 

The Legs

Skirts, shorts, and calf-bearing capris show off your legs. To keep your legs in top shape, you work out, exfoliate, and moisturize. But the stubble your razor leaves behind detracts from everything else you do to tone and smooth this area. Instead of shaving (or waxing), consider a laser treatment. Like laser procedures for facial hair, this removal option will stop or slow hair growth for more than just a few days. 

The Bikini Area

While laser leg hair removal can give you the fresh, smooth look you want when wearing short shorts or a mini skirt, you may need a bikini area treatment before you go to the pool or beach. Whether you wear a swimsuit several days a week, can't stand constant razor burn, or just want to ditch your razor for good, a bikini area removal is an option to seriously explore.

The Underarms

Do your armpits chafe easily? If a razor leaves your underarm area red, bumpy, and irritated, a laser procedure can remove the hair without the aggravating after effects. Even though the hair may grow back (like with other laser treatment areas), you may notice fewer hairs, lighter colored hair, or a smoother texture. 

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