Undergoing A Non-Surgical Nose Job

It is common for individuals to have a low opinion of their nose, and this can be a reason for nose jobs being among the most popular cosmetic procedures for individuals to choose to undergo. Despite the fact that nose jobs are a common procedure for people to undergo, there are many misconceptions that can circulate when it comes to these procedures.

Myth: A Nose Job Will Always Involve Very Painful Surgery

There is an assumption among some individuals that the only way to enjoy the benefits of a nose job is to undergo a painful surgical procedure. This is not the case with the emergence of nonsurgical nose job options. These solutions will utilize dermal fillers rather than making surgical changes to the patient's face. As a result, a person will be able to avoid the potentially painful rhinoplasty procedure that was previously the only option for those that wanted to change the way that their nose looks.

Myth: Non-Surgical Nose Jobs Will Provide Minimal Results

Due to the fact that these procedures will utilize dermal fillers to achieve the desired changes in the patient's nose, there can be an assumption that these procedures will only be able to provide minimal changes to the shape of the patient's nose. However, this procedure can be used to provide fairly drastic changes that a patient may not have originally thought was possible when they were first considering this procedure. During your consultation with the cosmetic surgeon, they will be able to provide you with a realistic understanding of the ways that these fillers can be used to help you achieve your particular cosmetic goals.

Myth: The Effects Of A Non-Surgical Nose Job Will Be Very Short-Lived

It is true that a non-surgical nose job will not provide patients with permanent results. However, this should not lead individuals to assume that these procedures will only provide short-lived results. In reality, a patient that has undergone this process can expect their dermal fillers to last for about 6 months before they will start to break down. Once this process starts, a maintenance treatment can be administered if the patient wants to keep the benefits of their nose job. For those that do not want to undergo this procedure again, all of the fillers will gradually break down and the nose will be returned to its original appearance.

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