What To Expect From Laser Hair Removal On Your Upper Lip

Unwanted hair on your upper lip can be a real nuisance. If you shave it, then it gets prickly within a few days. Waxing it is really painful since your upper lip is such a delicate place. If you don't want prickles or pain, then you may want to consider having laser hair removal on your upper lip. Here's what you can expect from the procedure and aftermath.

You'll feel a little discomfort, but not much

You might assume a laser working on your skin would hurt, but actually, most people do not feel laser hair removal is too painful, even on sensitive spots like the upper lip. You may feel some pricking sensation as the laser works, but most practitioners use a laser device with a built-in cooling mechanism, so there should not be any burning or serious pain.

You'll need a few sessions

You should see a significant reduction in hair growth after your first session. However, each of your hairs is on a different growth cycle, so there will be some that pop back up after your first laser session. As such, most patients need a few sessions, spaced three or four weeks apart, in order to completely get rid of the hair on their upper lip. If you have a lot of finer hair, you may need 6 or so sessions. If you have fewer, thicker hairs, you may only need 3 or 4 sessions.

You have to shave beforehand

If you've been waxing your upper lip, you'll need to avoid waxing for several months before laser hair removal in order to give your hair a chance to grow back. Then, the day before laser hair removal, you'll need to shave the hair. This helps ensure the laser is able to target the deep, living hair follicles, rather than the hair itself.

You'll need to care for the area carefully after treatment

After laser hair removal, your upper lip will likely be red and a little sore for a few days. Just protect the area with sunscreen, and make sure you apply a gentle moisturizer a few times a day. Don't use any harsh, medicated, or exfoliating washes for at least two weeks after each treatment.

If you hate stubble and the pain of waxing, then laser hair removal is a good option for managing your upper lip hair. After a few sessions, the results should be mostly permanent. You may just need a touch-up once a year to catch any new, little hairs that pop up.

Contact a local hair and skin care center to learn more about laser hair removal.

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