How Can Multi-Therapeutic Hair Transplants Help You?

Hair loss often affects men starting in middle age, although it can affect women as well. Once hair loss begins, it usually does not stop on its own. Fortunately, medical treatments can slow hair loss or reverse it completely. There are several options to choose from, but the best option may be one that utilizes every available method. Here are four ways a multi-therapeutic hair transplant can help you get the full head of hair you desire:

1. Transplant hair from sites of healthy growth

If you've experienced complete hair loss on certain parts of your head, the follicles in those areas are no longer producing hair. When this happens, the follicles shrink due to inactivity. You can get your hair back by transplanting healthy follicles from places that are still producing hair. In order to do this, a doctor will carefully cut away parts of your scalp from areas where it will not be missed. This is typically done near the back of your hairline. These pieces of scalp will be implanted where you experience baldness. As your scalp heals, the transplanted hair will continue to grow.

2. Encourage hair thickness with plasma therapy

Hair loss has multiple components. In addition to total hair loss, people can experience a loss of overall hair volume. Thinning hair can make your scalp visible in an undesirable way. Plasma therapy is an effective method of encouraging your hair to thicken. Plasma therapy uses the platelet-rich portion of your own blood as a hair loss remedy. Plasma will be extracted from your blood then injected into your scalp in many places. With continued treatment, you should see your hair begin to grow in thicker than before.

3. Increase blood flow to hair follicles

Increased blood flow can stimulate hair follicles. Platelet-rich plasma therapy increases blood flow. Common medications used for hair loss can also increase blood flow. Minoxidil is a drug that is commonly used to treat hair loss. It enlarges the blood vessels on your scalp, which allows blood to flow more freely. Many people see an increase in hair growth when using this drug.

4. Lengthen your hair's growth cycle

All hair has a growth cycle. During the growing phase, your hair continues to get longer. At the final phase of the growth cycle, hair stops growing and falls out. Lengthening your hair's growth cycle can help you retain each individual hair for longer. Minoxidil also lengthens the growth cycle, which means you will notice less hair falling out on a daily basis.

Contact a provider of multi-therapeutic hair transplant treatments for more information.

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