3 Uses For Shea Butter Coconut Hair Cream

Finding products that work well for your hair and serve multiple functions will be more economical and space-saving. One product that can have multiple functions is shea butter coconut hair cream. This product can be used for both conditioning and as a styler.

Conditioning/Deep Conditioning

This hair cream is designed to be left in the hair, so it works well as a leave-in conditioner. After washing your hair, just put a small amount in each section of your damp hair and comb it through the sections. Combing the product throughout your hair will help detangle your hair while ensuring the product is evenly distributed. Afterward, you can style your hair as normal. For an extra conditioning boost, use the product as a deep, leave-in conditioner. After working the product through your hair, use a hair steamer or sit under a hooded dryer for a few minutes. Steam allows the product to better penetrate your hair. Depending on your hair, you may want to do a deep conditioning treatment weekly or once each month.


Some people choose different styles throughout the week to minimize the effort of completely re-styling their hair. For example, you might start off the week with a wash-and-go, but wear a braid-out or twist-out later in the week. Hair cream can also work as a styler for braid-outs and twist-outs. These styles look their best when the twists or braids are created with wet hair because, once they dry and the twists or braids are taken out, they are more defined. Instead of wetting your hair, simply use the hair cream to add some moisture back to your hair before creating your twists or braids. This is best done the night before so your hair can dry overnight. If you have especially thick twists, you may need to briefly use a hairdryer in the morning to be certain your twists or braids are dry before removing them.


Whether it is the middle of the summer or winter, your hair may need to be refreshed between washing. Both temperature extremes are brutal on your hair and can cause your hair to become dry. To add back a little moisture, spritz your hair with water, without necessarily saturating your hair. Add some hair cream on top of the water to seal in the moisture. This is a great option to refresh a wash-and-go throughout the week. After you apply the hair cream, you can allow your hair to dry on its own. Some people may experiment with different gels to see which ones work well with the hair cream. Sometimes gels, when mixed with other hair products, will turn white or cause clumps. If you can find a gel that works with the hair cream, add a small amount as a finishing step. This will create hold so your style can last a while longer.

Hair creams can be an economical and versatile product to add to your hair care routine. They serve as an easy leave-in conditioner or as a way to refresh your hair or change your style throughout the week.

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