How To Get Strong And Long Nails

If you tend to have short and/or brittle nails, then there are some things that you can do to make them healthier and to help them grow faster. By following the advice detailed in this article, you should see that you have the nails you want in no time at all.

Take a good multivitamin each day

One of the helpful things that you can do to help your nails to be strong and to grow faster is to make sure that you have enough vitamins in your system. An easy way for you to do this is by taking a good multivitamin each morning. Not only will this help with your nails, but it will also help your hair to grow faster and it will help you to be an all-around healthier person in general.

Push back your cuticles

You want to take a cuticle stick and use it to carefully push back your cuticles on a regular basis. This is going to allow your nails to grow faster because they will be able to grow without being fought by the cuticles which attach to them. Be careful that you don't cause damage to your cuticles because if you break the skin, then your fingertips will be sensitive for a while until the small cuts heal.

Eat a good diet

Some foods that you eat on a daily basis will help to give you healthier nails -- and healthy nails will grow faster than brittle ones will. Plus, brittle nails will continuously break and this will defeat your attempts at helping them become longer. Dairy is an example of a food that will help with the health of your nails; so are leafy green vegetables.

Keep your nails filed properly

File your nails just so they don't have any areas that are rough to them. Any small tears in the ends of your nails can cause them to snag on things and break. Every time they break, they will only get shorter and shorter. You don't want to file the length down, but just smooth them out.

Use a nail growth product

You can also use a nail growth product, like those from Miracle Med, to help your nails get longer faster. These products will supply your nails with things they need to be nourished, which will in turn mean they will be stronger. You will also find that these products can help your nails to look better because they tend to help them look naturally shiny.

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