Four Mistakes Men Make When Trying To Grow A Beard

Facial hair doesn't suit all men, but beards are increasingly popular with American guys, especially in certain cities. One study found that 77 percent of men without beards in New York would grow one if they could. Nonetheless, growing a healthy, attractive beard isn't always easy, as many men discover. If you decide to grow a beard, make sure it looks good, and avoid the following mistakes other men make.

Unreasonable expectations

A great beard doesn't grow overnight, and it may take several months before you get the facial fur you want. Patience is vital, but you also need to set realistic expectations. It helps to set a reasonable target. For example, if you have a big party to attend in October, start planning your new facial hair several months earlier.

The initial itchiness of a beard can make it tempting to give up, so it's also a good idea to buy good grooming products to use along the way. For example, vitamin C serum can soothe itchy skin, and this product will also improve the condition of your new facial hair.

Choosing the wrong type of beard

There are plenty of beard types to choose from, and certain styles suit some men more than others. For example, if your facial hair is thin and patchy in certain places, you might want to choose a style that means you can keep these parts of your face cleanly shaved.

Some styles are more extravagant than others, and many beard types need a lot of grooming and styling. Choose carefully before you commit to a style that you won't maintain and/or a look that just won't suit you.

Failure to groom along the way

You can't grow a great beard by letting your facial hair run out of control. While you grow your new beard, you must continue to regularly trim the hair. Trimming and grooming won't inhibit growth. In fact, a regular beard trim will make sure the hairs grow in the right direction and in the shape you want.

Don't trim your beard when it's wet. Wet beard hairs seem longer and fuller than they really are, so if you groom and trim damp facial hair, you may cut off too much. Make sure your beard is properly dry before you get the scissors or clippers out.

Poor nutrition

Like any other part of your body, your beard will look and feel better if you give it the nutrients its needs. Make sure your diet is rich in protein, take lots of exercise, get plenty of sleep, and drink plenty of water.

If you lead a busy, stressful life, you will probably also benefit from vitamin supplements. Hair growth supplements will improve beard quality and speed up growth. Look for supplements that contain biotin, vitamin E and zinc, as these are the natural building blocks your beard needs to grow faster. Look into taking Vitabeard hair growth supplements.

A lot of American men love their beards, but it's not always easy to grow the right type of facial hair. Carefully consider the style that's right for you, and invest the right amount of time, patience and money to make the beard work.

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