Natural Alternatives To Traditional Antiperspirants: Smelling Good Without The Aluminum

When trying to decide what the best natural deodorant is for men, it's essential to understand what causes body odor in the first place. The potential hazards of using traditional deodorants have people concerned that they are risking their future health for the sake of not having body odor. Aluminum is the main ingredient in antiperspirants today, and some believe that aluminum is a toxin for the body that should be avoided at all costs.

The Causes of Body Odor

While human sweat itself is odorless, when sweat comes in contact with bacteria, the bacteria will multiply rapidly. This quickly growing bacteria will break down the sweat into acids, which causes the smell. This is why antiperspirants work to suppress body odor. Without sweat, the bacteria doesn't multiply and is therefore not broken down into acids that smell. When you suppress a person's sweat, they don't have body odor.

Reducing Body Odor Naturally

There are ways to help reduce your body odor naturally, without the use of traditional antiperspirants. The first way is to keep your body very clean. When you take a shower, you are washing away sweat and any bacteria that may be on your body. It will take time for bacteria to accumulate, so even if you sweat you won't have body odor right away. Once you clean your body, dry off thoroughly so that bacteria doesn't start multiplying from the moisture. It will also help you to smell less if you keep your clothes clean, and avoid wearing clothes that you have worn already.

Natural Alternatives to Traditional Antiperspirants

There are a number of natural alternatives to traditional antiperspirants that all aim to reduce body odor. Ingredients such as tea tree oil, vinegar, and witch hazel all help reduce body odor because they work as an anti-bacterial on the skin. When no bacteria are present, there is no body odor, even if you are sweating profusely. While it may take time to find the natural product that works best for you, it is possible to get rid of body odor using natural alternatives.

You can also try shaving your arm hair because hair creates an environment that traps moisture. Bacteria begins to grow fast when their is moisture around and it is harder to keep your arm pits dry when there is hair involved.

When you are ready to switch from traditional antiperspirants to the best natural deodorant, try out one of the many products on the market.

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