A Guide To Chamois Cream For Cyclists

When you start to get serious about riding your bike, you probably will want to seek that gratification and great workout by riding it more often. However, the more time you spend cycling, the more chance you'll have of creating skin irritations from the bike seat. With this in mind, you can use chamois cream for cyclists in order to prevent and soothe this potential skin irritation in your buttocks, leg, and groin regions.

What is chamois cream and how does it work?

This cream is designed to create a barrier between your skin and the material of the seat. That way, your skin will not become raw due to friction as you ride your bike more often. It was originally designed to help riders because cycling shorts used to have a strip of animal skin included in it for cushioning. Today's cycling shorts do not have that strip of animal skin, but many people still prefer to use this cream in order to provide protection and lubrication from the potential friction of the leather bike seat. Men and women alike can use this cream in order to prevent inflammation and even bacterial issues. You can purchase this cream from a number of cycling shops that provide such equipment and remedies.

What types of chamois cream can I buy?

There are many different brands of this cream that manufacturers sell that are typically sold in two main types — the Euro style and the natural style. The Eurostyle cream typically has menthol or other substances found within it to create a cooling effect. The natural cream does not contain these properties. This cream will be absorbed into your skin as time goes on, so make sure that you use a great amount in order to get the full effect.

What should I know about finding and using the right chamois cream?

According to a survey, 20% of riders say that they always use this cream, regardless of what type of ride that they are going on. There are plenty of different brands that you can choose between, so try a few out to see which works best for you. You might find one that comes in the form of a more butter-like product and others that are found in lotion-like bottles. It is completely a matter of preference, so make sure that you shop around to find the absolute best product for your skin.

Take this information in mind and reach out to a company that can sell you chamois cream for cyclists to preserve and protect your skin as you ride your bike.

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