3 Fun Events To Wear A Beard T-Shirt To

While beards have been around for ages, they seem to continue to be a sign of manhood. For this reason, beard t-shirts seem to be more and more popular. These shirts advocate that men should in fact have beards, and that they are a great sign of manhood. While you can wear your beard t-shirt wherever you would like, there are some events and activities where wearing your beard t-shirt is even more appropriate. This article will discuss 3 fun events/activities where you can wear a beard t-shirt. 

A Bachelor Party

Since a bachelor party is an event where a man is together with all of his guy friends, this is the perfect place to wear beard t-shirts. The groom can have a specially made beard t-shirt that says he is the groom-to-be, and all of his friends can have their t-shirts as well to wear for the night. Their shirts can have personalized beard sayings like, "the only person who shouldn't have a beard is a woman", and "a beard is sign of manhood". The t-shirts will not only be fun and creative, but will be a great way to keep track of everyone in the party when they are in a crowded area.

As A Sports Team

If you belong to an all male sport's team, and if you are in charge of coming up with a name and a logo for you sport's team, you can choose to go with a beard theme.  It can be something like "real men have beards". This is fun and creative, and is likely a name that no other team will have. You can then have the custom beard t-shirts made with your team name and a picture of a bearded man on them. You can also have the number of each player and their name placed on the back of each jersey. 

The Gym

Since the gym is a place where some men like to prove just how manly they are, what is more appropriate than wearing a beard t-shirt. The t-shirt will be casual and comfortable for gym attire, allowing you to get an excellent workout in. Anyone who sees the shirt will likely get a good laugh, and will appreciate your sense of humor. They even have some beard tank tops and muscle shirts, if you want to show off your biceps as well as your awesome facial hair. 

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